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What It Can Do ...

BASYX control application programs turn complex building system requirements into simple, consistent, and reliable operations.  The BASYX system can control virtually any manufacturer's HVAC or lighting equipment.  Here is a sample of our standard applications:


Time of Day Scheduling

BASYX controls the equipment for each day, maintaining comfort when the building is occupied and minimizing energy consumption when the building is not occupied.


Chiller Plant Management

BASYX controls chillers and their related equipment (pumps, values, cooling towers, etc.) to provide needed capacity while optimizing energy requirements.


Boiler System Control

BASYX controls hot water or steam boilers and provides staging, outdoor reset, and other operational strategies for desired control and optimized energy usage.


Control for Smooth, Trouble Free Building Operation ...

BASYX gives you many options for control. Some building professionals want to have BASYX programmed for automatic operation. They want to “See it and Forget it”.  Others desire more hands on operation, continuously monitoring or controlling every aspect of the building environment.  Still, others may prefer a level somewhere in between. BASYX supports all preferences. You can have the amount of control that suits how you work and BASYX will do the rest.

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