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Complete, Intelligent, Affordable and Simple to Use Controls ...

Basyx control products, and predecessor Facilitec control products have been manufactured and successfully installed in the commercial, industrial and retail markets sind 1982.  During that period the controls industry has shifted focus towards sophisticated software, open protocols and other enhancements which provide little functional difference in operation, but have significantly increased the cost and maintaining of installations.  Control strategies have not changed substantially, with mechanical equipment still cycled or modulated to maintained a desired condition.  Global Control Solutions recognizes the benefits this new technology has afforded the larger, multi-building or campus installations in the new construction market. Existing small to medium size facilities, which make up 95% of the total building market, are unable to take advantage due to the high initial cost and ownership expense of these systems.


Global Controls continues to design and apply systems for those customer unable to afford, or which do not require this new era of controls.  Our systems provide accurate and proven control strategies and software which present the highest return on investment and lower cost of ownership, while insuring a consistent and energy efficient operation of the facility.  A system which gives all the benefits of building automation at a reasonable cost.


The Basyx system consists of a PC workstation with the TriComm interface software package. TriComm is a Windows based human interface for the BASYX automation and system.  It can operate on any personal computer with any Windows 95 or later operating system.  The operator can directly connect with a personal computer through an internal network, a dial-up modem, or the internet to access and communicate with the controllers.  The controllers are linked through an RS485 network to control HVAC equipment and more.


Our supervisor system can provide a gateway for connection with BACnet/IP, BACnet mstp, Lonworks and Modbus systems.


Using easy to understand point and click commands, the program provides a simple interface to setup, operate and modify the operating parameters of the BASYX system. The drop down system menu allows access to all system functions and requires little computer experience for normal daily interaction with the system.



Simple status screens for individual controllers show all point status and values, and are automatically formatted to match the board type being accessed.  The graphical interface portion of the system will compile any system data and indicate operating status of mechanical systems, floor plans, etc.  All operator modifications to the system are automatically backed up to the personal computer hard drive in individual board files, reducing the need to perform scheduled backups of the system data.


Unlike most automation systems which require multiple software programs to be implemented for various connection methods, the TriComm software will access the automation system via a single program directly, or through a modem or internet/intranet connection by simply clicking the appropriate connect button.  This feature greatly reduces the operator learning curve by using one software package for all system operation.


The TriComm software package is an integral part of the automation system, and therefore no licensing or access fees are ever required for installation or use.  The software may be installed on any number of personal computers required for access by owner determined personnel.


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